CopyPress works with hundreds of creatives on thousands of articles per month. With so many writers, editors, project managers, and active campaigns, it is important that our creatives understand and acknowledge the following standards and requirements, as this allows us to keep a productive, positive workflow.

As a CopyPress Creative/Influencer you are expected to uphold the following standards and requirements. Writers/Editors/Influencers who do not uphold these standards/requirements will stop receiving assignments from CopyPress.

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to review the CopyPress Editorial Guide before accepting my first assignment as it includes important production policies, rules, and guidelines. It is available under the CopyPress Creative Help section of
  • I will continue to reference the CopyPress Editorial Guide as I work with CopyPress, as it is a source of useful information I will need as a CopyPress contractor.
  • I understand that I will receive Assignment Notification emails from CopyPress when I have an assignment. The emails will come from, and I have added this address to my email safe list so the notifications do not go to my spam folder.
  • I understand that each assignment will include a Style Guide, and it is my responsibility to thoroughly review the Style Guide before I begin an assignment.
  • I understand that each Style Guide may include unique directions and requirements, and it is my responsibility to adhere to the unique directions of each Style Guide.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to adhere to all assigned deadlines, and I will submit my work prior to each deadline. If for some reason I am unable to complete the assignment on the given deadline, I understand it is my responsibility to contact the Project Manager a minimum of 12 hours before the assignment is due.
  • I understand that a moderate understanding of technology will be required to work with CopyPress. I possess a moderate understanding of web applications, word processing programs, Excel, and hyperlinking.
  • I understand that I must adhere to the CopyPress Communication Tone Code as outlined in the Editorial Guide. I will only engage in discourse that is professional, respectful, helpful, positive, friendly, motivating, and elevating when communicating with CopyPress writers, editors, and project managers.
  • I understand that CopyPress has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, and I cannot copy an entire sentence or paragraph from a previously published article; use major parts of a previously published article and change only a few words in order to pass it off as my own; reuse previously published work; submit work that is not unique and is a slight rewording of previous work; or rewrite an existing article by changing the order of the words and sequence of the paragraphs, also known as article spinning.
  • I understand that by joining CopyPress, I am not guaranteed to receive assignments from CopyPress. I will be offered projects when CopyPress has a campaign that matches my skill level and experience.
  • I understand that CopyPress works with writers/editors who produce the best work, and I may stop receiving assignments if I submit low quality work. If I want to increase the odds of receiving assignments, I will review the “How to Get Assignments” section of the CopyPress Editorial Guide.
  • I understand that if I DO NOT abide by the foregoing, I may stop receiving assignments from CopyPress, and at any time, CopyPress may choose to stop sending me assignments.